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The Map of Zombies by Jason Thompson

The Map of Zombies by Jason Thompson

Seriously, this may be one of the coolest posters I’ve ever seen. I will be framing it for my office as soon as it gets here. I got the PDF too, which is very awesomely annotated and noted by the artist with lots of cool tidbits… and it’s HUGE. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of movies, books, comics, and what have you’s listed on this masterful piece of artwork.

“This map is a must for any…

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4 Stars: “Mervidia” by J. K. Barber

From Amazon.com:

Mervidia (cover)Deep in the ocean’s darkness live the Merwin, sinister sea creatures who have never seen the light of the sun. As the city of Mervidia flourishes, its inhabitants scheme and grasp for power. Queen Beryl, the last of the royal bloodline, has been brutally assassinated. The High Houses scramble to seize Mervidia’s crown, posturing for rank and the possibility of having a race other…

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On Screenwriting, or Why I Don’t See Summer Blockbusters Anymore


From the science-fiction giant of a writer, David Gerrold, comes this post from his public Facebook page (note: the title is of my own creation). Take it to heart, screenwriters.

When I was teaching screenwriting at Pepperdine, I used to warn my students that their friends were going to stop watching TV with them, and wouldn’t go out to the movies with them anymore.

They’d give me the look.


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100 Greatest Movie Threats

100 Greatest Movie Threats

A little different from my post about the 200 greatest insults of every time, but again, as a writer, threats are very useful. These are some of my favorites from the video below.

Needless to say, NSFW.

  • “Whatever you’re reaching for better be a sandwich, cause you’re gonna have to eat it.” — Laughing Policeman
  • “I’ll kick your ass so hard you’ll have to unbutton your collar to shit.” — The Dead…

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200 Greatest Movie Insults (in Two Parts)


Insults are something we’ve all experienced at one point or another, and usually they’re not very pleasant. But in the movies, it’s a completely different story, and as a writer, I find a well-written insult extremely useful. As useful as threats, I’d say.

Here are some of my favorites, from a couple different Youtube videos. What are your favorites?

My favorites from the 1st video:

  • “I don’t like…

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The Beauty of the English Language

The Beauty of the English Language

I’m looking at this like a writing exercise. See my notes below, but feel free to come up with your own–and share them in the comments! Note, for variations that mean the same thing, I’ve combined them.
The Word Only

“Only she told him that she loved him.”

Sad, poignant, and yet uplifting at the same time–as it should be when anyone tells you they love you.

“She only told him that she loved him.”
“She told…

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You Can Join BLACKGUARDS! Yes, You!

You Can Join BLACKGUARDS! Yes, You!

Okay, writers all, time to take out those quills and bring your dastardly devilish and deplorable doom-bringers back to life for a chance at stardom… well, for a chance at a paying gig at industry rates that’ll have you published, anyway.

Blackguards is a Kickstarter project for a collection of 20+ stories by… well, I’ll just let their words speak for them. If you’re already familiar with the…

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5 Stars: “Mouse Guard: The Black Axe” by David Petersen

5 Stars: “Mouse Guard: The Black Axe” by David Petersen

MouseGuardtheBlackAxe9593_fFrom Mouseguard.net:

Mouse Guard returns for its third volume: the Black Axe. This prequel set in 1115, fulfils the promise the wise oldfur Celanawe made to tell Lieam of the day his paw first touched the Black Axe. The arrival of distant kin takes Celanawe on an adventure that will carry him across the sea to uncharted waters and lands all while unraveling the legend of Farrer, the blacksmith…

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A Fancy Dinner Party

A Fancy Dinner Party

Jason Kristopher:

“A Fancy Dinner Party” features one of my favorite short stories that I’ve written, “The Art of Steaming.” My friend A. K. Klemm reviewed the book, Grey Gecko’s first short story anthology.

Originally posted on Anakalian Whims:

Cover_Kindle_New_largeTitle:A Fancy Dinner Party

Editor: Hilary Comfort

Publisher: Grey Gecko Press

Genre: Thriller/ Horror

Length: 184 pages

For nearly two years now, I…

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